Monday, September 21, 2015

Draw Attention at an Occasion with the 3 Colored Gemstone Cocktail Rings

You have of course seen two colored gemstone rings and may even possess one in your jewelry box, but have you dreamt of a bright and gorgeous 3 colored gemstone ring? If you did, then it is time to fulfill your dream now. Jewelry designers have launched 3 colored gemstone rings for every occasion and by 3 color gemstones we do not mean ruby, sapphire and emerald, instead we mean other gemstones that offer an affordable alternative to the expensive designer rings. The alternative rings look gorgeous and are capable of adding glamour to your dress whether you are visiting a cocktail party or attending a wedding ceremony.

Do you want to have an idea of the color palette the alternatives open up? Just think there are 33 different kinds of yellow gemstone and let alone the pinks, greens and the purples. These alternatives will leave you asking for more. The rings have stones the colors of which range from bright dazzling to soft and subtle. A cocktail ring has jadeite as the center piece which is surrounded by smaller diamonds making the ring appear unique. You will not be able to take your eyes off the ring and marvel at what a plain stone like jadeite can get transformed into when jewelry designers display their craftsmanship.

While some designers are trying out something absolutely new, there are others who are providing a modern twist to the timeless classical combinations like green and blue in fine jewelry. Dark green center stone in a ring is surrounded by frilly blues making the ring appear edgy and chic. The island ring made from rose gold features an emerald set in the middle surrounded by blue topaz and champagne diamonds. The mix of diamonds and blue topaz along with emerald lends the ring an out and out glamorous touch.

In another combination chrysophase is used beautifully and innovatively for a cocktail ring set with 478 diamonds accentuating the chrysophase stone. In the other striking jewelry, a baroque tanzanite is surrounded by triple halo of bright and deep hued purple diamonds, sapphires and blue diamonds creating a masterpiece of fine jewelry. The baroque tanzanite is 54.20 carat and has its deep hues enhanced by the triple halo formed by diamonds and sapphires. The tanzanite in the ring retains its natural shape adding an organic feel to the exceptional ring.

These 3 colored alternative gemstone cocktail rings are bound to draw attention at any occasion. 

Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Dazzling Diamonds and the Sizzling Stars at Venice Film Festival

The beautiful city of Venice holds the mega film festival once a year and promises to display some of the best films and best beauties from across the world. This is the 72nd anniversary of the Venice Film Festival and the al fresco setting provides an amazing opportunity for the celebs to appear in their summer finery one last time before autumn sets in across Europe. Whenever we think of film festivals, we think of red carpet and the flash of jewelry in the show. This time also it is not exception and the jewelry at the red carpet gives the appearance and feel of the blend of classic and chic.

Dakota Johnson who is at the festival to promote her new film A Bigger Splash looks beautiful in her blush pink slip dress from Prada paired elegantly with pear and rose cut diamond earrings which are more than enough to make a statement. However, she completes her look with a platinum bracelet set with emerald and square cut diamonds and another bracelet in white gold studded with diamonds. Her red lips complemented her chic fashion ensemble. It’s not only Dakota with plenty of diamonds but also supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio who appears with diamonds aplenty at the Venice Film festival.

She wore a floaty white maxi dress teamed up with diamond earrings and rings. The rings and earrings are made from white gold in floral motif studded with plenty of diamonds to make the supermodel look like a star among the gathering. She sparkled and twinkled like a princess amidst the crowd. On another occasion she appeared in a gown with lots of colorful gemstones to complement her style. Amethyst, sapphire, tanzanite and aquamarine were accompanying her till the end of the show.

American supermodel Hilary Rhoda adorned herself with a pair of amethyst and diamond earrings made from rose gold to make her look like a regal personality. On the other hand actress Juliette Binoche chose white gold set with diamonds and aquamarine earrings to look elegant. At the premiere of Spotlight, Nicole Warne, founder of Gary Pepper Girl a premium fashion, travel and lifestyle website really chose to be in the spotlight by teaming up her white innovative deep neck gown with white gold and diamond earrings, necklace and 2 rings which had emerald cut diamonds. She there poised and collected with all her diamond dazzle. 

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Butterfly and Fine Jewelry Saga

The beautiful, colorful and elegant butterfly has always been a favorite of the jewelry designers who still continue to be fascinated by its intricate and delicate structure. The butterfly has been one of the most popular motifs of jewelry since times immemorial and it is one of the most beautiful gifts of nature. It is also considered as a symbol of rebirth which is also associated with the creativity of an artist. Its iridescent wings are something that we will never get tired of and it also inspires the jewelry designers to create some of the finest pieces of delicate looking jewelry.

The moment when the butterfly stops fluttering and settles down has been captured by jewelry designers to create beautiful and stunning pieces of jewelry using yellow gold and brown diamonds. The butterfly represents a carefree spirit and somewhat whimsical nature. These features have been captured in all the rings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches and other forms of jewelry created by various jewelry designing houses. It’s not just golden butterflies; wooden butterflies with colorful gemstones are made by innovative jewelry designers for butterfly lovers. The wooden brooches studded with gemstones are a one of a kind jewelry collection.

Rose cut diamonds and pink sapphires have been used to recreate the body and wings of the tropical Esmeralda butterfly. Its transparent wings are the main attraction of the jewelry piece. The butterfly rings have truly won the heart of many admirers because it realizes the imagination of many to have a butterfly seated atop one’s fingers. The rings made from light weight titanium are studded with diamonds and colored gemstones to recreate the charm of a butterfly. However, the highlight of the ring is the illusion that is created when the wearer bends her fingers; you can see the wings flutter.

The iconic butterfly motif is also inspiring more technically savvy designers who are bringing 3D designed jewelry pieces on the table. Necklaces, rings and earrings made from oxidized silver set with gemstones like blue topaz and amethyst have the 3D effect making the items truly unique. The elements focused on the 3D designs are movement, flight and light through which amazing pieces of butterfly jewelry pieces have been created. The black rhodium combined with black diamond piece is the ultimate in the 3D collection. So, now you can have your pet butterfly with its delicate structure and charming presence always with you. 

Monday, August 31, 2015

The Bow as the Most Enduring Motifs through Ages

The bow is of the most enduring symbols in fine jewelry since ages. Various jewelry designing houses have modified it to suit their unique jewelry items. It is considered to be one of the most feminine motifs which is classic and sophisticated as well. A bejeweled bow on a ribbon is the perfect design representing classical beauty. The bow motif first made its appearance in the 17th century as a symbol of love and marriage. They mostly appeared attached to brooches and necklaces. The bow also represented a playful side of a person therefore whether on brooches or on necklaces or even on tie pins, bows looked cute.
The bow design underwent a change in design in the Edwardian era when it became more fluid instead of the stiff design of the French court. During the Edwardian era, bows studded with diamonds started appearing on necklaces, pendants, rings earrings and also on brooches. Now the bow has undergone even more changes with loosened up sides and asymmetrical loops on cuffs and chokers encrusted with diamonds. The bow design and diamonds complement each other making the jewelry item appear more elegant and whole. Even to this day diamond encrusted bow spells romance and if you are getting one such ring on your engagement or wedding day, then your love will be everlasting.
An interesting jewelry piece with a bow to offer is a white gold double finger ring designed exquisitely for bow lovers. It looks unique and is entirely studded with white diamonds. Bows are appearing on rings with pearls and diamond to complement them. In of the fine jewelry collections a spectacular ring made from white gold has a base of South Sea pearls along with a diamond studded bow while in another set of earrings Japanese pearls are used along with diamonds on bow shaped earrings. Both these items are sophisticated, elegant and beautiful.

Some of the most chic designs are found on items with bows nowadays. Cuffs made from 18carat rose gold or white gold also feature diamond encrusted bows to impress their collectors while stud like bow earrings entirely studded with diamonds are the hot favorites of the fashionista. One of the most contemporary bow use is found on an open collar necklace which will look gorgeous on a white shirt teamed with a classic black skirt. Other items include a pear cut diamond ring and a knotted bow ring to sweep you off your feet. 

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Non Traditional Colorful Engagement/Wedding Rings with Precious Gemstones

If a conventional white diamond mounted on a gold band makes you feel ordinary and bland, then choose one among the colorful engagement rings from the avant-garde collection of engagement rings. Do not compromise on the engagement ring/wedding ring because you are going to wear it for the rest of your lives. The unusual rings are perfect for the bride who wishes to stand out in the crowd. Break the mold of traditions and try something new and you will be highly rewarded for this endeavor later. Each of the rings is unique and special because the bride is a special person like no one else.

You can go for the bright fuchsia colored ring with a brilliant round cut diamond solitaire in the middle channel set along with smaller diamonds all along the double band making it an outstanding piece of jewelry. The entire ring is made from rhodium-plated white gold with an elegant design appearing refined and poised. If you thought that the variety only extends till white gold, then you will be bowled over by ceramic rings featuring colorful gemstones which will make your entire ensemble appear bright and colorful. These rings are literally unique with the use of ceramics and gemstones like purple or yellow sapphire and green diamond as center stones. Moreover, the rings also have a touch of rose or green gold making them the ultimate in colorful engagement/wedding rings.

Jewelry designers are using titanium which is an extremely skin friendly and cheap metal in comparison to gold, platinum and silver to make engagement/wedding rings. Titanium is usually used for making body modification jewelry items, but now jewelry designers are using titanium to make high end jewelry items including wedding/engagement rings. Titanium bands with pink, green, cognac or blue hues set with sparkling diamonds in every shape imaginable can be your perfect choice for the auspicious occasion. These are the classic solitaire diamond rings with a twist in terms of color and metal making all the difference. Some of the titanium bands have pave diamonds all over to make the ring appear even more dazzling.

Such experiments continue with combining the eastern and the western influences on rings especially made for the big day. Sometimes even hand painted bands with diamond solitaires are offered by jewelry designers to make the ring more personal. These rings are mostly made from gold of various colors and feature diamonds as center stones. Break the mound and get rid of the uniform engagement rings this time.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Jewelry Trends of 2016

Jewelry trend forecasters are predicting a jewelry design trend which will be a blend of the classic style with technological advancement and innovation. According to the industry experts, the fashion industry will draw inspiration from magic or the outside world. It will be powerful exploration of the space between light and shadow. For instance, the colors midnight blue slowly fading into lighter shades of light blue or lilac will be the perfect theme to explore light and shadow alternatively. Blue sapphires, marcasite and white cubic zirconia stones are combined with opal, mother of pearl and laser sliced stones to provide the iridescence and the reflective effect.
Eternity is another theme that will be explored by the jewelry and fashion industry in 2016. It’s the desire of every human being to find out the elixir for eternity hence they keep exploring the heritage and also the many possibilities in future through their designs which are manifestations of their imagination. Eternity explores a lavish color scheme with hues like amber, citrine, honey combined with intensely dark tones like deep blue. To provide the accents white or off-whites can be used with brilliant orange, striking green and electric blue. This creates a warm effect. Gemstones like peridot, topaz and citrine are used in metalwork techniques to bring out the vast spectrum of colors.
Body art has been in vogue for quite some time now. The relationship between body and body adornments has been explored by millions and the best part is that this trend will never fade away because it provides an individualistic take on fashion. Headpieces, body chains, hand ornaments, cuffs and so on will be available in shades of burgundy, pink which provides a melting effect with flashes of turquoise and amethyst to balance out the adornments. The jewelry designers and lovers are also experimenting with organic materials like leather and animal scale along with synthetic ones to provide shapes that will follow the body movement.
Technological advancement has been introduced to the jewelry designing industry long back and continuing the trend the designers will explore 3D prints and use electronic tools to provide angled and defined edges to precious gemstones. Smoky quartz, black spinel and cubic zirconia in warm tones and corners and edges will be seen more in jewelry. Intriguing coating/plating, synthetic gemstones in industrial shapes and masculine color palettes in greys and khakis with soft accents of pink and orange will show the way.

Hence, 2016 jewelry industry will be ruled by combination of traditional and modern aesthetics through technological advancement.  

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Women Fashion Accessories- Top 5 Picks

Women and accessories go together always. In fact without accessories they tend to look incomplete as this plays a crucial role to judge her style and personality. Yes of course a woman’s personality is not judged via her accessory but presenting herself is what matters. In fact accentuating her appearance with trendy fashion accessories will give her a look that is out-of-ordinary as well as reflect her style statement.

Top 5 picks

With striking brooches to stunning belts, with moody watches to flashy bracelets and earrings, everything will cater a woman with excellent add-on after she is well donned with a stunning dress. Often a ravishing silhouette too may appear incomplete without the right accessory. Below are top 5 accessory picks that every woman should try. These include,

·        White Gold Rhodium Bonded Fresh Water Pearl Brooch- A brooch is always in vogue. Accessories in fashion come and go yet one which has successfully survived the ages is the brooch. The White Gold Rhodium Bonded Fresh Water Pearl Brooch is a smart pick. It is made of round cut pearls and cubic zirconia in a Silverstone. No matter it is put on ethereal scarves or cardigans this gorgeous butterfly shaped brooch will offer the right vintage glamour.

·     Women’s Lion Head Stretch Snake Belt- This metal waist belt is absolutely cute and stylish. It is highly versatile, thus can change a boring dress into something interesting. In fact this gold metallic belt will beautifully compliment a dress or skirt giving the wearer a royal look. The Lion Head Stretch Snake Belt is truly ravishing and elegant.

·       Ladies Pink Mini Gold Bling Studded Wrap Watch- Along with shoes the female gender also has a fetish for watches. Watch lovers should definitely try the Pink Mini Gold Bling Studded Wrap Watch. The strap is made of synthetic leather and it comes in different colours as well as style variations. The best part this watch has been stylishly designed devoid of sacrificing comfort.

·         White Gold Rhodium Bonded Bracelet- Bracelets are a favorite accessory amid women of every age group. Be it a teenager or a senior citizen, every woman loves to wear a bracelet. Those who are fond of white gold can try the latest White Gold Rhodium Bonded Bracelet that comes with round cut CZ in Silverstone. It boasts of a wonderful design and is truly charming. Created with the help of an electroplating process it gives the bracelet a platinum luster.

·      White Gold Rhodium Bonded Earrings- No woman should miss this ear piece. Having Baguette Ruby Cubic Zirconia and clear CZ in Silverstone it is truly an eye candy. Studded with bright pink accents and striking clear stones, this earring is really fashionable.

Accessorizing with plain or glittering ornaments is about experimenting with looks and having fun. Women accessory is akin to putting icing on a cake. By using the aforementioned accessories, a woman can look like a gorgeous diva. These wonderful jewelry pieces are available at Bling Jewelz.